Marking e-readers as library property

Reposted from the All Regions list.

Most libraries mark every piece of the e-reader (machine, cord,
charger, instruction booklet, carrying case) with the barcode number.

Some give each component its own barcode number.

Labeling methods include:
fabric marker
contrasting color Sharpie
electric etcher
soldering iron
barcode stickers with clear label protectors

Most libraries put all of the pieces in a box or carrying bag, which
bears the name of the library (and, in some cases, another barcode).
Some simply use the same kind of bags in which we typically see
children’s book & audio sets.

Most libraries registered their e-readers to the library so that it is
obvious who owns them.

Most libraries have the brorowers sign an agreement each time the
e-reader is borrowed.

One library photcopies the borrower’s driver’s license.

One library does not mark the exterior at all, as the readers will
eventually be used a raffle prizes.

No one reports any trouble getting patrons to take care of the readers
or bring them back.  🙂

Thanks again,

Robin Shtulman
Athol Public Library