“future of reading” thanks

Lots of libraries are doing programs/talking about this issue, including Winchester and Forbes Library in Northampton, who sent me info they developed.

Here are a couple of links I used:

This broke reading/library use down into urban, suburban, and rural categories:

This is a cool infographic about the coexistence of ebooks and print books:

I pulled data from this MBLC video, and people were really impressed about the stat about all the seats at Fenway. I’m not giving you the stat because you should watch the video if you haven’t seen it already:  http://youtu.be/pcCFf_pYR-w

The Pew Charitable Trust has done a bunch of stuff about libraries recently, so it’s worth a poke around. ALA has a bunch of digital info resources too:

This wasn’t on topic, but I thought it was interesting anyway – and I think it’d be worth it for us to look at what we’re offering for digital/tech services. Ereader training not as popular as you’d think in comparison to some other things: http://libraries.pewinternet.org/2013/01/25/public-library-resources-infographic/

A bunch of people sent me to the Library Link of the Day site, which apparently did a bunch of stuff on ebooks recently. I didn’t use it, but it’s a handy site to keep abreast of library land. http://www.tk421.net/librarylink/

Posted on behalf of Jennifer Inglis, Director, Nahant Public Library