Summary of e-reader circulation in MA

On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 3:00 PM, Robin Shtulman <>wrote:

First, I do apologize for how long it’s been between asking the question
and posting a summary of responses.

I did hear from 12 libraries that circulate a variety of e-readers.

Those who had newer models, such as ipads, tablet computers, and kindle
fires reported greatest satisfaction with how they are circulating.

2 libraries reported really good circulation
1  specifically has an “OverDrive test drive” program which has been
5 libraries report moderate to disappointing circulation, primarily a
flurry when they were new, followed by dribs and drabs
4 report very little patron use of their e-readers

We have 3 nooks and 3 kindles.
The nooks are touch screen.
The kindles have the keyboard along the bottom.

We have had articles in the newspaper, signs in the library, & e-mails to
our patrons announcing their availability.
When we first got them, we did have waiting lists and excitement.
Right now, all six are in the drawer.

We have 2 very active book groups, and I do put those titles on the
e-readers.  We had some success with those patrons borrowing the e-readers
for a while, especially those who liked the font-size flexibility.

Many of our most avid readers have reported that they simply don’t enjoy
using a machine to read.

I also think that there’s a learning curve and 2 weeks may not be long
enough to get really comfortable and start having a good time.

We’ve had some interest from patrons who would like to try the ipad but,
currently, we do not have one.

I’m not sorry we have the e-readers — It was a good resource for the
patrons who tried them.  I do just still feel conflicted about continuing
to spend money from our book budget on titles for them.

As gathered from the allregions list by Robin Shtulman, Assistant Director Athol Public Library


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