eReader registration without credit cards

Our library recently acquired two Kindles, and a Nook Color.   I had been told by two separate sources I trusted you could not establish accounts with B&N or Amazon without a credit card attached, and without an account you could not register a reader.  The need for an account to register is true, but apparently the credit card part was true at one time but no longer.

I have found you can establish accounts with both B&N, and Amazon without attaching a credit card and that the accounts work fine for registering the devices, and regarding the Kindle downloading library material.   If you want to download anything else on either, even if it’s a free app, you are prompted to attach a credit card and can go no future without one.  Since all we will be doing with these devices is downloading library materials, and demos, that works just fine for us and takes the worry of patrons purchasing downloads to them off the table.

In doing this  research it has been indicated if we ever do want to download anything else on these we can use a prepaid gift card like Am Express or MasterCard, the amount on the card does not matter.  The card has to be one that has an expiration date, and we’d have to call the company to attach a name and address to it for B&N and Amazon to accept it as an account card.   Everything I’ve read seems to say Am Express works the best for this purpose.  There was also some talk that an Amazon gift card would work too but that explanation was a little fuzzy so that one I’m unsure of.