Circulating Readers – Hanson Public Library

Thank you to Nancy Cappellini, Director of the Hanson Public Library, for providing this information.

Nancy has been working with Tersea White from Barnes and Noble who has been very helpful.  Hanson purchased several titles through a Barnes and Noble gift card. Teresa issues them a gift card and then Hanson calls her with the titles. So far they’ve purchased 15 titles mostly summer reading titles and they do have a block on the reader so patrons can’t download or make purchases. They had to buy a prepaid credit card for 5 dollars to attach to the downloads.

Teresa has worked with OCLN and the Kingston library. Nancy went to the Barnes and Noble site to make the purchase and then contacted Teresa to set up an account.  She works out of derby street Barnes and Noble and has been most helpful.

Contact info: Tersea R. White Community Relations Manager 96 Derby St. Hingham, Ma. 02043  Phone 781-749-4751 email


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