Marking e-readers as library property

We have 3 nooks – 1 in-house and 2 circulating.

The barcode and spine label is placed on the inside of the case and taped
and the number is written on the rest of the pieces (the back of the nook,
the adapter, the charger, and the instruction booklet)

We put in the staff note that patrons over the age of 18 can borrow this
item for 2 weeks and then there is a circ note that says borrowing
agreement needs to be signed and driver’s License photocopied for checkout.

When a patron checks the item out we take a copy of their license and we
have them sign an agreement which clearly states the cost for total
replacement of the item and the amount if a single piece is missing or

You can also program the nook with your name – so ours is name Middleboro
Public Library c.1 and it can open to our home page.

Posted on behalf of Middleboro Public Library


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