Kindle and Overdrive

Yes, this is great news but as great as it is that we’ll be able to share our books with Kindle users, I also am very concerned that our customers will become frustrated with having to wait for books to become available. The networks and libraries don’t have more money in their budgets to fully support another collection that will fill the needs. We have 72 libraries in the SAILS network with physical collections. Our Overdrive collection is such a small % in comparison. Should libraries start putting all their money into a digital collection? What about the majority of our served population who don’t own readers or have Internet in their homes to download the books? – Overdrive explains


One Reply to “Kindle and Overdrive”

  1. Amazon’s press release regarding the ability of people to use Kindles to download ebooks from libraries is setting us up for failure and perhaps that is intentional on their part (conspiracy theorist that I am). The press release stated that Kindle users will have access to 11,000 ebook titles through their local library. I just checked the New York Public Library site and they only had 2500 epub titles. SAILS has far fewer than that. Are we going to be faced with users anticipating great things, having a bad experience, and then never using the library’s ebook collection again? For this to work libraries will have to rethink how they materials expenditures and publishers are going to have to work with libraries to develop new models for purchase and/or use.

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