Something to think about thread (from allregions list)

Originally posted by Joseph J. Mulé, Director Thayer Memorial Library


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  1. 10/01/2010 12:07 PM
    Interesting reading. From a purely practical point of view, I’ve been able to purchase the physical e-readers and because the library has an account with Amazon, they will bill us as they do books. However, they won’t bill us for the ebook content. Which means that we have to pay with a credit card online for each ebook. That might be alright if it were only a few books, but I can’t use my personal credit card for hundreds of dollars of ebooks. No one on my staff can, either. So, how does a library buy ebooks for the e-readers if the town won’t allow a library credit card? I suppose we could ask each patron who borrows an e-reader to donate an ebook to that reader. But why would they borrow it in the first place if there were no ebooks loaded on it? It seems to me an inherent problem with the vendors. It isn’t anything that a single library can solve. Perhaps on a more global scale, the new region could try to negotiate for billing rights with Amazon and other ebook vendors. Or perhaps it could set up a statewide subscription service with Amazon similar to Overdrive.

    Elizabeth Marcus Wolfe, Director
    Thayer Public Library

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