Circulating Kindles

The Lunenburg Public Library has been circulating Kindles for close to 6 months. We received a minigrant from the former CMRLS and I was able to purchase 3 Kindles and download several titles. We have over 15 holds on the Kindles currently, so I recently purchased 2 more and am in the process of adding them to the collection (along with several new titles) as well.
The feedback that I have received from patrons has been overwhelmingly positive. They are more interested in “trying one out” than in any particular title that is found on the Kindle. My son’s 11th grade English teacher borrowed one and discussed the pros and cons of e-readers to his class. We loan out other “non-book” items and find that the public appreciates us doing that so that they may try various equipment and technology that they 1-may not be able to afford or 2-would like to try before purchasing. I see this as just another service we provide to our patrons and probably good publicity for Amazon.
Ideally, it would be great if we could all purchase various forms of technology/electronic equipment and make them available through ILL. Libraries are about equal access to information and are great equalizers in our society. What better way to do that than to provide our patrons with access to technology they might not be able to afford?
Just my thoughts…..
Amy L. Sadkin
Lunenburg Public Library

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