ALA – Equitable Access

10/01/2010 01:28 PM

The American Library Association is in the process of forming a Presidential Task Force to deal with this issue.  This is the result of resolution that was passed at ALA annual in Washington D.C.  I created the resolution, along with two other librarians, in my capacity as MLA Chapter Councilor to ALA.  I’ve attached the resolution to this email, as I think that it delineates all of the access problems to e-content challenging the nation’s libraries.  The task force will report back to Council at the 2010 annual meeting in New Orleans.

A Resolution to Ensure Equitable Access to All Formats.doc


Jacqueline Rafferty, MA Chapter Councilor to ALA
Library Director
Paul Pratt Memorial Library



One Reply to “ALA – Equitable Access”

  1. Good for you, Jackie! You are always on the ball, a true advocate and a credit to our library services in Massachusetts and beyond.
    Knowing that these things take time, we can for now utilize Emily’s work-around.

    Regards, Betsy

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