Circulating Kindles

10/01/2010 12:18 PM
We have found a way around the “credit card required” problem for the Kindle. In Amazon we have two accounts associated with our login : One personal (pay with credit cards), one corporate. As you said, you cannot purchase kindle books with the corporate account because that revolving credit line does not act like a credit card and will not work with their “one click shopping” requirements.
We can, however,  purchase gift cards with our corporate amazon account (and pay for these cards with purchase orders). We load the gift cards onto the personal Amazon account in order to enable the one-click shopping feature. This allows us to purchase and download books to the kindle. We can buy books on the kindle, but pay for them by purchase orders. It requires a couple of extra steps and some extra book keeping, but it gets us around the problem.
One tip – make sure you “deregister” the kindle after you load all of the books, otherwise your patrons may be able to purchase books using any money left in your gift card/personal account. You also want to “deregister” if you have a credit card associated with the account, to make sure no unauthorized purchases are made.
Please contact me with any questions.

Emily Smith
Technology Librarian
Belmont Public Library


2 Replies to “Circulating Kindles”

  1. Thank you. I think this is one of the big issues that have plagued public libraries. This looks like a great temporary measure until the tides change and as Braintree librarian said, we unite and push for this service for library users. The new “region” is really the state-wide library service and hopefully Greg and staff can lead the way on this.


    Ms. Owen Smith Shuman
    Groton Public Library

  2. Thanks, Emily. This is a great work-around! Would still think MLS and/or MBLC might check into negotiable points. I can only guess that public libraries across the state and country are encountering similar difficulties. If Massachusetts can be the leader on resolving these issues for libraries, even in part, it would be a great step forward.
    Regards, Betsy

    Elizabeth Marcus Wolfe, Director
    Thayer Public Library

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